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5 Ad Copy Tips to Help Maximise Performance

Here are Facebook’s five top ad copy tips:

  1. GIVE YOUR BRAND A VOICE – Tailor your brand’s voice to your audience and make sure to use this voice across all of your platforms. Consistency is key.
  2. POSITION YOUR PRODUCTS – Put your products front and center so your audience knows what you are advertising and why.
  3. SAY IT WITH WORDS – Add value propositions to ads that feature your products, explaining why consumers should use them, what makes them unique from others and what benefits they will get. Sale the benefit not the feature.
  4. CREATE BRANDED PACKAGING – Facebook also notes that your brand packaging, including branding, is important. “This can help enhance customer experience and make the package seem like a gift, especially during the holiday season. Personalized touches can be as simple as adding a handwritten note or anything that shows how you care about your customers.”
  5. SPEND STRATEGICALLY – Run a retargeting campaign to reach audiences who already know about your brand. Advertise to people who have visited your website, app, store or Facebook Page, or who have already purchased your products or services. Retargeting people who are already familiar with your brand gives them another opportunity to consider your products.
Facebook ad tips

I hope you find these tips useful when writing your copy and building your ads.

You can read Facebook’s full set of ad tips here.

[Source: Social Media Today – https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-provides-new-ad-copy-tips-to-help-maximize-performance/588585/]

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