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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working And How To Fix Them

Are you finding yourself scratching your head, wondering why your Facebook ads aren’t hitting the mark?

You are not alone. Facebook advertising can be a bit of a dark art, especially when you’re trying to juggle running a business.

But fear not, I’ve got some insights that could be just what you need to turn those ads around and start delivering results.

1️⃣ Targeting Troubles

The Issue: One of the most common reasons for underperforming ads is incorrect or imprecise targeting. Are you reaching out to the right audience?

The Fix: Dive deep into Facebook’s targeting options. Use the data you have about your existing customers to create Lookalike Audiences. Remember to make use of Facebook’s Pixel data to retarget website visitors, abandon carts, social engagers etc. This can be a game-changer!

2️⃣ Lacklustre Ad Content

The Issue: Let’s face it, content is king. If your ad doesn’t grab attention, it will not perform well.

The Fix: Invest in high-quality images and engaging copy. Try to resonate with your audience’s needs and pain points. Use A/B testing to see what works best. Sometimes, a simple tweak in the image or the headline can make a difference. Use creative that is native to the platform.

3️⃣ Ignoring the Customer Journey

The Issue: Not all customers are ready to buy at first glance. If you’re only focusing on hard sales, you might be missing out.

The Fix: Create ads for different stages of the customer journey. Awareness ads should educate and intrigue, while consideration ads can showcase more details about your products or services. Finally, conversion ads can push for that sale with a strong call to action.

4️⃣ Neglecting Ad Optimisation

The Issue: Setting and forgetting your Facebook ads is a no-go. The platform’s algorithms change and what worked last month might not work this month.

The Fix: Regularly review your ad performance. Adjust budgets, tweak your targeting, and test different ad formats. Always be in a state of learning and adapting.

5️⃣ Poor Landing Page Experience

The Issue: A great ad leading to a poor landing page is like inviting guests to a party, and forgetting to unlock the front door.

The Fix: Ensure your landing pages are optimised for conversions. They should be mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and have a clear call to action that matches your ad’s promise.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but addressing these common issues is a great starting point.

Remember, it is all about testing, learning from the data, and adapting. If you need an extra hand, getting in touch with someone like me, can make all the difference.

Stay persistent, and you will soon see your Facebook ads generating the results you want. 

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