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7 things to check if you are ready to run Facebook ads

Are you considering running ads but unsure if it’s the right time? Not everyone is ready, so it’s important to assess your readiness before diving in. Check out this handy checklist to determine if you’re prepared:

  1. Do you have a product or service that solves a problem? Consider why someone would sign up or purchase from you, and what’s in it for them.
  2. Have you successfully sold your product or service organically through channels such as your website, social media, or email list? If people who already know you aren’t interested, investing in ads may not make a difference.
  3. Can you replicate the sales journey your customers already take? You may need to nurture potential customers at different stages before they make a purchase. People don’t typically make spontaneous purchases, so think about how to convert browsers into buyers.
  4. Do you know the cost of acquiring one customer? This includes the time and money spent on marketing, website development, content creation, and tools.
  5. Do you know who your customers are? Create content within your ads that resonates with them and stops them from scrolling.
  6. Are you already creating engaging copy that connects with your audience?
  7. Do you have the budget to test different ads, even if you may not see a return on investment?

If you need help understanding, setting up, or managing your ads, contact me or download my full checklist.

Freelance Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads PPC expert based in Winchester, Hampshire

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I am a freelance Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads PPC expert based in Winchester, Hampshire, who has invested time and money in training in the latest digital marketing tools to give me the knowledge to help ecommerce businesses like yours grow.


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