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8 Tips to Run a Successful Google Ad Campaign

Here are several key things that you need to run successful Google Ads campaigns:

  1. A clear understanding of your target audience: Knowing who your target audience is and what they are searching for is crucial for creating effective ads. Use Google’s keyword research tools to find out what people are searching for, and create ads that address those needs.
  1. Relevant keywords: Choosing the right keywords is essential for reaching your target audience. Research relevant keywords and use them in your ad copy, headlines, and landing pages to ensure that your ads are shown to the right people.
  1. Optimised landing pages: Landing pages are the pages on your website that users visit after clicking on your ad. They should be optimised to convert visitors into customers by providing relevant information, clear calls to action, and easy navigation.
  1. A budget for advertising: Running a successful Google Ads campaign requires a budget for advertising. You will need to determine how much you are willing to spend on your campaign, and set up your ads accordingly. Generally speaking, you should plan to budget at least £10 per day for each campaign.
  1. Good ad copy and images: Ad copy and images play an important role in the effectiveness of your ads. Make sure your ad copy is relevant to your keywords, clear and compelling and your images are eye-catching and relevant.
  1. An Analytics tool to track performance: To measure the success of your campaigns, you will need to track the performance data. Google Ads provides tools that allow you to monitor key metrics like clicks, impressions, conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI), and make adjustments as needed to improve performance. You can also track this in Google Universal Analytics which is being replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in the summer of 2023.
  1. Time and resources for management and optimisation: Running a successful Google Ads campaign requires time and resources for management and optimisation. You will need to monitor your campaigns, make adjustments, and optimise your ads regularly to ensure that they are performing at their best.
  1. Knowledge of google ads policies: it’s important to comply with Google Ads policies, to avoid account suspension or ad disapproval. Be sure to review the policies and guidelines for Google Ads before starting a campaign to ensure that your ads comply with them.

Keep in mind that running successful Google Ads campaigns is an ongoing process that requires time, effort, and knowledge. With the right approach and resources, you can improve the performance of your campaigns and achieve your advertising goals.

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I am a freelance Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads PPC expert based in Winchester, Hampshire, who has invested time and money in training in the latest digital marketing tools to give me the knowledge to help ecommerce businesses like yours grow.


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