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Google Ads?

Did you know that there are 70k searches carried out on Google every second, mindblowing! No wonder Google Ads work so well!

And Google Ads traffic converts at a higher rate than Facebook Ads as the audience is further down the funnel…. obvious as soon as someone points it out!

We also never realised that using negative keywords was so important for results and to protect your budget.

One of the questions we are asked most is whats the difference between Facebook and Google Ads so here’s a few points:

  • With Google Ads, you pay for clicks, with Facebook Ads you pay for impressions.
  • Facebook ads are targeted based on audiences and interests so you could show them to anyone on Facebook that fits your ideal client. Google ads are based on keywords and require someone to be searching for those words to display the ad (which is why they’re further down the funnel)
  • Facebook ads are great at generating demand, whereas Google Ads are awesome for marketing to people looking to buy.
  • So that’s why you wouldn’t use Google Ads for brand awareness.
Freelance Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads PPC expert based in Winchester, Hampshire

Hi! I’m Nicole,

I help home, fashion & lifestyle brands unleash the power of paid ads

I am a freelance Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads PPC expert based in Winchester, Hampshire, who has invested time and money in training in the latest digital marketing tools to give me the knowledge to help ecommerce businesses like yours grow.


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