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Maximise Your Website’s Potential: Handy Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Do you know what your website conversion rate is? You can check in Google Analytics or on Analytics tab of your Shopify site. Studies have shown that a decent website conversion rate for an eCommerce business is around 2-3%. Many are below this. This rate tells you that for every 100 website visitors, between 2 to 3 people make a purchase from the site.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that conversion rates can be influenced by many factors and can vary significantly depending on the quality of traffic, the effectiveness of the website design, the clarity of product descriptions, the ease of navigation, the payment and checkout process, and many other factors.

The best way to determine a good conversion rate for your ecommerce business is to establish a baseline conversion rate, monitor it regularly, and test different tactics to improve it over time.

Here are some ways to improve your conversation rate:

Optimise the website speed

Slow loading times can discourage visitors from staying on your website and making purchases. To increase your website speed, compress images, reduce the number of third party apps and plugins, and use a reliable hosting provider.

Use high-quality product images

Using high-quality images can help customers visualise the products and increase their confidence in purchasing them. Make sure the images are clear, visually appealing, and showcase the product from different angles.

Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping is one of the most effective ways to boost conversion rates. You can increase the product price slightly to offset the cost of shipping or offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount. Who wants to spend £5 on P&P when purchasing a £100+ product?

Simplify the checkout process

The checkout process should be simple and user-friendly, with minimal steps and distractions. Provide multiple payment options and guest checkout to increase the chances of completing a purchase.

Use social proof

Social proof such as product reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials can increase trust and confidence in your brand and products. Display them prominently on the product page and homepage. You can use third party tools like Google Reviews, Feefo, Reviews.io, Trustpilot to display these.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty. Use automated email sequences to send abandoned cart reminders, personalised product recommendations, and exclusive discounts. Shopify provides a native automated email marketing feature, while Klaviyo is the preferred email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses.

Run retargeting campaigns

Retargeting campaigns can help you reach potential customers who have already visited your website but didn’t make a purchase. Use Facebook and Google Ads to show personalised ads to these visitors to encourage them to come back and complete their purchase.

Test and optimise

Continuously test and optimise your website and marketing strategies to improve your conversion rate. Use tools such as Google Analytics to track user behavior and identify areas for improvement.

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