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The High Price of NOT running Retargeting Ads

In today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape, small businesses can struggle with the challenge of standing out among a multitude of messages. Understandably, there’s a concern about the potential for wasted ad spend in marketing strategies like retargeting.

However, retargeting loyal customers is far from a financial gamble; it’s a critical investment.

This strategy is especially vital for small businesses striving to maintain a strong connection with their customer base.

In an environment where consumers are bombarded with diverse advertising messages, retargeting serves as a focused, strategic approach to keep your brand prominently in the minds of your existing customers, ensuring they remember and choose your business amidst the endless digital noise.

Reasons to Retarget:

  1. Staying Top-of-Mind: Even your most loyal customers can get distracted by the myriad of information and options available online. Retargeting through Facebook Ads ensures that your brand stays at the forefront of their minds. This constant reminder keeps your business relevant and prevents customers from forgetting about you amidst the noise of other brands and offers.
  2. Preventing Brand Switching: In the digital space, loyalty is fragile. If you’re not actively engaging with your customers, there’s always a risk they might be tempted by a competitor’s ad. Regular retargeting serves as a gentle nudge, reminding customers about your products and services, and why they loved your brand in the first place.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: The truth is, a small fraction of your followers actually see your posts on social media due to algorithm limitations, and many people tend to delete or overlook emails. Facebook Ads, however, offer a more direct and assertive form of marketing. They cut through the digital clutter, ensuring your message gets seen by the people who matter most to your business.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While retargeting does require a portion of your budget, the costs are generally lower compared to acquiring new customers, primarily because you’re engaging an audience already familiar with your brand. This familiarity increases the efficiency of your ad spend.

The Risks of Not Retargeting:

  1. Lost Visibility: If you aren’t retargeting your loyal customers, there’s a high chance they’ll encounter your competitors’ ads. This exposure can lead them to explore and potentially switch to other brands, especially if those brands are retargeting more aggressively.
  2. Reduced Sales Opportunities: Regular customers are often the best source of revenue. Not retargeting them means missing out on the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, which is essential for business growth.
  3. Weakening Customer Relationships: Retargeting is not just about sales; it’s also about relationship-building. Without it, the connection you’ve worked hard to establish can weaken over time, as customers might feel less engaged or valued.
  4. Maximizing ROI: The costs of not retargeting can indeed be high. Without retargeting, you’re missing out on tapping into a segment of your audience that’s already halfway down the sales funnel. Failing to re-engage these potential customers can result in a lower ROI for your overall marketing efforts, as you’re not fully leveraging the initial investment made to attract these users to your site in the first place.

Real-World Examples:

Example 1: A Local Boutique: Imagine a small boutique that stops retargeting its regular customers. Over time, these customers start seeing ads for a new fashion store offering similar products. The lack of regular engagement from the boutique, coupled with the new store’s aggressive retargeting strategy, might lure the boutique’s customers away.

Example 2: An Online Bookstore: An online bookstore that doesn’t use retargeting ads risks its loyal customers forgetting about it. These customers might not see the bookstore’s social media posts and might miss out on new arrivals or special discounts, leading them to purchase from other more visible online retailers.


In summary, retargeting is an essential strategy, not just for attracting new customers but also for keeping your existing ones engaged and loyal. It’s a proactive approach to remind your customers of your presence, value, and the unique offerings that set your brand apart. By integrating retargeting into your marketing mix, you ensure that your loyal customers continue to choose you over competitors, thereby maintaining a steady stream of business and fostering long-term customer relationships.

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