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Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Performing and How to Fix Them

As a small business owner, you might find that despite your best efforts, your Google Ads aren’t delivering the results you hoped for.

Let’s explore some common reasons behind this and, more importantly, how you can turn them around.

1️⃣ Misaligned Keywords

The Issue: One of the biggest culprits behind ineffective Google Ads is the misuse of keywords. Are your keywords too broad, or are they not matching the intent of your potential customers?

The Fix: Focus on keyword relevance and search intent. Utilise long-tail keywords that match exactly what your audience is searching for. Remember, quality trumps quantity when it comes to keywords.

2️⃣ Poor Ad Copy

The Issue: If your ad copy doesn’t speak directly to your audience’s needs and desires, they’re likely to scroll right past.

The Fix: Craft compelling and clear ad copy. Highlight what sets your product or service apart. Use strong call-to-actions (CTAs) to guide users on what to do next. Test different variations to see what resonates best with your audience.

3️⃣ Ignoring Negative Keywords

The Issue: Not using negative keywords can lead to irrelevant traffic, which means wasted ad spend and poor conversion rates.

The Fix: Regularly update your negative keyword list. This ensures that your ads aren’t shown to users who are searching for something unrelated to your business. It’s a great way to refine your traffic and improve ad efficiency.

4️⃣ Ineffective Landing Pages

The Issue: A great ad leading to a subpar landing page is like a broken promise. If your landing page doesn’t deliver, your click-throughs will not convert.

The Fix: Make sure your landing pages are aligned with your ad promises. They should load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and have a clear, singular focus with a strong CTA.

5️⃣ Neglecting Ad Extensions

The Issue: Not using ad extensions is a missed opportunity. Ad extensions can significantly enhance the visibility and appeal of your ads.

The Fix: Utilise relevant ad extensions. For example, use location extensions if you are local or call extensions if your business benefits from direct phone calls. Extensions can provide additional information and make your ads more clickable.

6️⃣ Inadequate Budget

The Issue: Mismanaged budgets can lead to your ads not showing up at the right times, or worse running out of money too quickly so your ads stop showing.

The Fix: Regularly monitor and adjust your budgets. Make sure you’re not overspending on underperforming campaigns and allocate more budget to ads that are performing well. Pause underperforming keywords and text new ones.

Navigating Google Ads requires ongoing attention and adjustment. By addressing these common issues, you can start to see a significant improvement in your ad performance.

Remember, it’s about being strategic and responsive to data.

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